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Commercial Painting Contractors

19 Years of History, Family Owned: Serving Florida Since 2016


In the year 2000 Salvatore Barbieri founded  a painting company in Waterbury, Connecticut. By 2006 the business was expanding and Salvatore then founded Commercial Painting Contractors in Connecticut. In 2016 CPC was established in Florida, a division in which Salvatore passed down his reins to his son Nicholas to expand his painting business. Salvatore passed away in November of 2016 and he will always be remembered as the founder of Commercial Painting Contractors Inc. 

Residential Painting


We offer professional interior and exterior residential/ house painting services throughout the state of Florida. We take great pride in our quality painting services and high customer reviews. Click the link below to view our previous projects and services that we offer. 

Commercial Painting


Commercial Painting Contractors has been a trusted provider in high quality painting in the commercial industry for over 10 years. Our quality of work and the ability to complete every project on time is what makes us the best. Click the link below to view some of our previous commercial projects.

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